About Nikki 

I am a hometown girl, raising two amazing little wild souls. We chase the light at the end of the day near the foothills of what I  like to call "a little slice of Heaven". My girls are the reason I breathe. They are my sun and moon and the only other thing as close to my heart is my passion for photography. 

I picked up my first DSLR, or as the girls like to call it, "the big camera", when I was still trying to piece together who I was just a mere 4 years ago. I had found myself completely unsure as to the direction my life was taking. I knew I was forever and always, a happy mom; but who was I? I had dreams and passion and so many ambitions, but what was I doing other then waking up and taking care of my girls? I wanted to feel alive and purposeful. So, on a whim I took what little savings I had and bought my first Canon. 

The first year or so it was all about the girls. I took pictures of everything. I would find random things to photograph and repeatedly had my girls "posing". Now that I think about it, I was completely ridiculous, a ‘mom-tog’ at best. But it all changed one day when I took my first silhouette. The girls were in the back yard and I was hanging laundry on the line, camera on my hip, as usual. I happened to look up and saw the girls dancing in the last bits of the day. The sun was setting and the clouds were breath taking. I grabbed my camera, and quickly snapped a picture; it’s that picture that brought me to today. 

Fast forward to the present. I have a thriving business with amazing clients; most are frequent return clients and whom I consider family. I would have never thought that the inspiration I pulled from that one picture 4 years ago would have set me on this path. The path was paved with hard lessons, learning new techniques (which I am always tweaking and practicing) and real tears, sweat and blood. (Just ask my clients about the sweat in the summer! whew) 

I have kept a constant saying with me all these years- 'Dream. Believe. Inspire' I dreamt that I had a greater purpose then being a mom and just ‘happy’. I believed that I had so much to offer my kids and myself. Then I was inspired to be the best photographer I could possibly be. I will never stop learning and honing my craft. This is a trade that is always evolving and growing. I don't consider myself a hobbyist or a pro or a mom-tog. I am a country girl who has a camera who loves to shoot sunsets, families laughing together in the golden light, children running barefoot and woman who feel sexy. 

Located in Madison County, Virginia and serving all surrounding areas.